About Pecan & Go

Pecan Go was created by agronomists and economists fascinated with Pecan . After studying it carefully in USA, Mexico, South Africa, and other countries, as well as in the province of Malaga (Spain) where there have been Pecan plantations since the last century, we decided to start planting with criteria of economy of scale and vertically integrated (including industry) in our plantations in the Guadalquivir valley.

We currently have two lines of business:

1.- Commercialization de Pecan, with and without shell, grown and harvested in Spain, mainly. Today we have the only pecan cracker factory in Europe, where we can pack hundreds of thousands of kilograms of pecan kernels, in different formats.

2.- Pecan Farm Management. After many years dedicated to this crop and many hectares planted and advised, marketing the crops and responding to different concerns, we can say that Pecan Go accompanies and advises the main owners of Pecan farms to face the challenges of the cultivation and maximize the profitability of their orchards supported by sustainability.

Our services range from the execution and implementation of comprehensive agricultural projects (search for the appropriate farm, optimal variety, soil movement and preparation, irrigation and fertigation project, digitalization, including operation and maintenance), land and farm audits, as well as feasibility studies of agricultural projects (climate and soil studies, crop and variety, long-term water availability); sustainability solutions (water and carbon footprints, biodiversity spaces, green roofs, energy savings), search for solutions and management for water use; digitization of farms; agronomic and field operations advice, etc. In short, managing the Pecan farms with more interest and dedication even than our owned farm.


We are committed to entrepreneurs and agricultural owners and we accompany them throughout the entire pecan production cycle to produce more and better, with a lower cost and a lower environmental impact.


Help entrepreneurs make their pecan farms profitable and minimize the environmental impact, adapting to their real needs.


To be a reference in the European pecan production and marketing cycle, acting as a strategic partner of entrepreneurs and land owners.


Passion for pecan, food based on this nut, commitment, closeness, sustainability, environmental responsibility, innovation, and excellence.

Why choose us?

We are the largest and most experienced manager of pecan farms in Spain, marketing all of our production and that of our clients, and we are only dedicated to this nut, which is our passion.