Orchard Management Services

After more than 10 years dedicated to this crop and many hectares planted and advised, marketing the crops, and responding to different concerns, we can say that Pecan & Go accompanies and advises the main owners of Pecan farms to face the challenges of the cultivation and maximize the profitability of their farms supported by sustainability.

The agricultural sector in Iberia faces several important challenges such as the rise in input prices, drought accompanied by very intense climate uncertainty, and a fluctuation in product sales prices. Furthermore, all the sustainability requirements promoted by the EU, such as the limitation of active ingredients and the different rules of the game for imports depending on the country of origin, impact our business and daily life. Without forgetting the problem of labor, in addition to needing specialized professionals.

The nut grower or businessman must work with planning, and carrying out exhaustive prior studies that are mandatory for any investment. And then applying sustainable solutions, with a layer of digitalization and data that allow us to have a smooth adaptation to the climate, make more accurate decisions, and adapt better to all fluctuations.

Pecan trees have demonstrated excellent adaptability to the agronomic conditions of many parts of the Iberian Peninsula. On the other hand, the demand for this nut grows in annual terms by over 7 percent. Therefore, it is a crop for the future, but with proven plantations with enough experience to ensure that it is a very real and economically interesting alternative.

However, it is advisable to have the experience of experts in this crop for several reasons.


The variety selection and frame design of the orchard can make the difference between success and failure.


New technologies and farming concepts are taking place very fast, and we must analyze the changes and improvements.


To make the business plan in a realistic way and invest with best guaranties, providing returns and profitability.

Our services

Previous studies

We carry out a prior study of each case, to know the initial conditions: soils, climate, and available water resources.

Decision making

Choosing the most adapted and profitable varieties in each case and the most suitable planting framework according to the conditions we have.


We direct the planting and the design and installation of the irrigation system. Along with all monitoring technologies and digital control and management platforms.

Business plan

We prepare a business plan within the initial conditions. This helps to have a roadmap and an interesting tool for possible financing.

Agronomist technical advice

In addition, we can manage the farm or limit ourselves to agronomic technical advice focused on sustainable and profitable management. 


Finally, we take care of the marketing of the nuts harvested every year, maximizing the profitability of the plantations.

Pecan crop

At Pecan & Go, we offer you our 360 º advice so that you can enter the wonderful world of this crop, generating very interesting returns. We accompany you in each phase of project development, from planting to harvesting and selling the nuts, with a very flexible collaboration structure based on your interests.